Worthing, West Sussex



Wardrobe Wellness


Wardrobe Organisation & Sorting                       available as Style for Life confabs £40/hour*

“Check your entire wardrobe to see if it fits the blueprint of your life and activities”.     Edith Head

​Just as every garden needs a bit of tidying up and dead-heading, so do our wardrobes! A big part in discovering your Style for Life is to open your wardrobe and look in to a happy place.

I can’t promise that you’ll never find yourself standing in front of the wardrobe announcing ‘I’ve nothing to wear’ again, but it should happen less and less.

So if your clothes are just hanging there unworn, unloved, unhappy reminders of shapes and events past – we’ll send them away. If they are not totally devoted to you and making your life happier, more colourful, creative and confident now – you need to get yourself a new set of friends!

What happens in a Wardrobe Wellness session?

​As in-depth as you want, we’ll pull out your clothes and accessories and I’ll help you weed out the unwanted, revitalise some potentials and let the good ones shine.


I’ll always look to reuse your existing clothes as it could be a simple shortening of a skirt that takes it from frumpy to fashionable!

​A well-ordered wardrobe (and drawers) can save you time and money as well as making you feel good.


With all the unworn and unsuitable items cluttering up your wardrobe gone (eBay’d, donated, recycled etc) you’ll be able to see all the clothes you love, co-ordinate them at a glance, knowing they will all go together.

I’ll even provide outfit charts to guide you if required!

​We’ll identify any gaps for future shopping trips (which I can always help you with, see Personal Shopping).

With tips for ongoing organisation so that you get the most out of your clothes, we’ll get you a wardrobe you’ll look forward to opening the door to every day.

I have being wearing different combinations of clothes I already own, and I enjoy deciding what to wear
​ every day now and I’d definitely lost that interest
”                                                              Sue, stuck on style

*minimum of 2 hours recommended for initial bookings