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​Some Good Experiences……

Everyone’s journey is an individual and personal one, so I prefer to keep identities to text only
Sue, lost her enthusiasm for her clothes, and just felt ‘tired’ looking at her wardrobe.

“I enjoy deciding what to wear every day now and I’d definitely lost that interest. I feel different in my clothes as I’m being more discerning about what to wear and have being wearing different combinations of clothes I already own.

I was thrilled with a wool and cashmere jacket I found in a charity shop, that was my exact colours, had a beautiful lining and just needed some new buttons to make it ‘me’!

It’s a fun, energising and creative few hours with a priceless return, well worth the investment.” 

Ivy, early in her transgender journey and a dedicated online shopper, felt self-conscious and anxious shopping the High Street.

​”As a transgender woman I felt very comfortable with you, and you were good at interpreting my body shape and personal style.

It was so useful having someone supportive and reassuring to help me try lots of things without getting paralysed by choice or intimidated by the experience of shopping on a high street. And the written document with tips and reminders of what to take away from the experience afterwards is going to be invaluable!

I’m now feeling more confident about shopping and have browsed shops on a whim a couple of times already, which I never would have before, and for the first time am looking forward to my next shop!”

Naomi, needed some confidence for her new job 

“In my last job, I used to muddle through with the result that I didn’t like what I was wearing half of the time. Either it was boring (same old), didn’t really flatter me or otherwise didn’t feel right somehow.  Now I’m happy and confident in what I’m wearing every single day – no exceptions!  

​And I really do think that comes across in the way I interact with my new colleagues; I know what image I’m trying to project, and this is what they get!  I feel more self-assured and this allows me to have more creative days. In the past when I tried to be creative with my clothes, it often went wrong….so it’s great being able to express my individuality at work without worrying that it somehow contradicts my professional side.”

Lisa, needed to make the best of impressions in her new job

“Jo came to my aid when I bagged myself a new job – my first managerial role in a new company.  I wanted to know how to dress to make an impact, to look professional but still be myself – vibrant and bubbly.

As a ‘curvier’ lady, I wanted reassurance that I dressed in a way which suited my shape, accentuated my best assets but was still appropriate to the work environment. 

Jo was great, her advice was tailored to my needs and I came away feeling more confident about starting out on my new path. My wardrobe is gradually evolving to suit me better, make me feel better in my own skin and to portray the professional that I now am. Thank you Jo”

Darryl, wanted her wardrobe to be a better friend

“Jo showed me colour and clothes combinations using existing things from my wardrobe I would not have previously worn, or even thought about wearing together! This has given me and my wardrobe a whole new lease of life!

So I don’t think it’s a coincidence that since having my colour and image consultation I’ve received a number of unsolicited – but very welcome – complements from strangers about the way I look: ‘that coat really suits you’ from a petrol station cashier and ‘that colour cardigan really looks good on you’ from a work colleague I’d never met before”

Jenny, wanted some colour back in her life

“When I met up with a friend the other day she commented on the red top I was wearing, said it really suited me and that I’m wearing red a lot more because I know it’s one of my ‘autumn’ colours -which I now know I am!

So, it really works! I now have an autumn ‘filter’ on when I go clothes shopping and it really makes the whole experience a lot easier and more rewarding – thank you Jo!”

Katariina, feeling colour-jaded

“It was eye-opening to realise what colours look good on me what don’t. I had wondered why some clothes I own just don’t look as good as I expected them to look when I bought them, but I now realise those colours were completely wrong for me.

I wish I had had my colours done earlier so I could have avoided making all those mistakes of buying clothes that just don’t look good on me.”

Claire, looking for some clothes cohesion

“The main thing I found valuable was although I had some idea of what suited me, I just couldn’t pull it all together in theory or practice.  And that’s what you did – clarified what I did know and added other things to it to give me a holistic view of what I needed.

It also gave me confidence about how you saw me in relation to body shape, i.e. you recognised my good and not so good points and how to make the best of both which was great.  And I loved my Image File, cool styling, very clear and easy to read and I really liked the little notes of encouragement and pictures.

Thank so much Jo, I had a great time and felt it really helped.”

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