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Style for Life Services….or Confabulations!

Why Confabulations rather than ‘Services’?

First because I feel my approach to be more than just a Service, second because I love the ‘fab’ bit, and lastly (but certainly not least) because of its meaning:

  1. To talk casually; conversation, discussion.
  2. Psychology To fill in gaps in one’s memory with falsifications that one believes to be true.

​(Who amongst us doesn’t do this when it comes to our body shape, our impression of ourselves?)

​And besides, it’s a great word to say out loud! Try it….

Initial Conflab

1.5 hours


To get the ball rolling we can schedule in an initial conversation. Lasting up to 90 minutes, this informal chat is a chance for us to meet and get to know each other better. Although best face to face, I also offer this meeting over Skype if this fits in better with your lifestyle and geography.

It is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you need to ensure you are happy for me to guide you in the discovery of your Personal Style for Life, and for me to ensure I provide the best possible support and advice for you towards the achievement of your goals.

It is recommended if you are not sure which elements are right for you, or just want to find out more. It is particularly important for all transgender clients.

Following our meeting I will send you a summary of our conversation together with my recommendations for you to decide how to proceed.   No pressure and no obligation – like most self-helps, it works best when you decide it’s the right thing and time for you.

*£20 redeemable against a subsequent booking, provided booked within 30 days of this first conversation.

Personal Colour Analysis

1.5 hours


Personal Colour Analysis is the only stand alone service I offer as I often feel this to be the cornerstone upon which your Style for Life is built.

Because we are all visual beings, stimulated and affected by colours – often unconsciously – it serves as a great introduction to how we can use colour to our advantage and starts getting us more in tune with ourselves.

Style for Life Conflabs

 from 1 hour


My approach is more holistic than matching you to a set of criteria and then sending you on your way.

​It seeks to provide you with knowledge and understanding so you can express yourself confidently through your clothing choices.  It is information that will stay with you for life – no matter what size, shape or age you grow into!

Because we all have different image and style needs and objectives depending where we are in our lives, my Style for Life conflabs are booked on an hourly basis to allow you the greatest flexibility and affordability.

Do be aware that I will always recommend an initial minimum session of two hours duration (except the Personal Colour Analysis) as less than this won’t do yourself justice.

“Friendly, supportive and extremely well tuned into helping you focus on your individual style“.  Sheila, searching for her lost style


For every 6 hours you book with me, I’ll give you an extra hour on me!
Use it for an extra bit of shopping time, or why not spend it sorting through your accessories, or maybe you’d like advice on how to alter and revamp some old favourites – the choice is yours……

(Note this does not include the Initial Consultation)

“It’s a fun, energising and creative few hours with a priceless return, well worth the investment”.       Sue

What’s in a Style for Life Confabulation?

Tailored specifically for you, the content of your sessions can include (but is not limited to):
Personal Colour Analysis
​Because life’s not black and white! Your personal Colour Analysis is an important element of your Style for Life as it is where we determine your complementary colour palette….                                                                         Read more
Personal Body Analysis
​This step in discovering your Style for Life is about learning how to make the most of your natural attributes and balance you and your lifestyle with your clothes…..                      Read more
Your Inner Style 
Getting back in touch with what moves you, makes you smile, attracts you, is as important for your Style for Life as knowing what colours and shapes suit you…..                                                                                               Read More 
Wardrobe Wellness
Just as every garden needs a bit of tidying up and dead-heading, so do our wardrobes! ……              Read more
Personal Shopping
For many people clothes shopping can be a challenging, frustrating and disappointing necessity – best avoided where possible!….                  Read more
“I can honestly say that it’s the first time I have felt enthusiastic and motivated about clothes.”

A few benefits of the Style for Life conflabs:

  • You can take as many as you need to achieve your objectives
  • You set the pace: confabulations can be taken over a period of time that best fits with your lifestyle and objectives
  • You choose to spend the time you need on any aspect of your image and style
  • You build your ‘toolbox’ (or make-up bag!) of image and style knowledge that will last you for life
  • With support via email, or scheduled Skype or phone calls (time-limited), I’ll be on hand to help you with those unexpected image and style malfunctions or confusion!

Please note: prices given are inclusive for those consultations within 25 miles of BN14 Worthing, West Sussex.  Additional travel will be charged for consultations outside this area – please contact me for details.

​I believe there should be fair trade in Fashion.

To support those who make our clothes live a safer, fairer working life I will donate to War on Want’s ‘Love Fashion – Hate Sweatshops‘ campaign for every service booked.