Worthing, West Sussex



Inner Style


Your Personal Style                                            available as Style for Life confabs £40/hour

“Nothing is so beautiful and so desirable as individuality”.   A Girl Graduate, Pall Mall Gazette 1884


​Often we can feel so overwhelmed or confused by clothes and shopping, by everyone – from friends and family to shop assistants and the media – telling us what we should or shouldn’t wear, that we end up disconnecting ourselves emotionally from what we place closest to our bodies every day.I think of myself as providing the necessary ingredients so you can start combining them according to your chosen recipe. Then, once you get a bit more familiar with your ingredients, you can start playing around; experimenting, tweaking and adjusting according to personal taste until you are happy and confident in your image and style.

The key words here are ‘personal taste’. And in this session rather than focusing on clothes, we look at everything and anything else that moves or inspires you, be it art, travel, literature, cooking etc.

It is a fun and creative session – and I’m giving nothing more away so as not to dampen your imagination! – the purpose of which is to capture and understand your personal aesthetic and how you can apply this to your wardrobe choices, so you can ‘Wear more of what makes you happy!

​All of the above, plus all the images I’ve used and fonts I’ve chosen in my website are part of my personal aesthetic.
What do these say about me?