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Transgender Women


​For Transgender Women….

As featured in ITV’s Transformation Street, Episode 3!
“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”.    Coco Chanel

​We all want to fit in, to belong, yet remain true to ourselves and individuality, and as a transgender woman this is part of your internal struggle.

We all have an image of ourselves we want to project to the outside world, and our clothing is the language we use to express ourselves.  Learning any new language can be a tricky business – particularly later in life – but wherever you are in your transition journey, I can help you negotiate the often confusing world of ladies fashion, image and style so you can walk out with confidence.

​Your body is changing – developing in unfamiliar ways – and you want to do it justice, after all this is something you’ve always wanted.

So when should you cover up and when should you show it off? What is appropriate for work, popping out to the shops, meeting for a coffee, out on a date…?

Through our sessions you’ll better understand your body shape and proportions and so know what styles show it off. Plus you’ll learn to use colour, foundation wear and accessories to your advantage to feel more confident with and in your image.

​Style Safaris. Shopping but not buying (well, unless the outfit really takes you!); on these expeditions we go venturing into the shops to see – and try on – what they have to offer for you.

They are a great way to experiment with different looks and styles to find those you feel most comfortable in.

Accompanied and supported all the way, you’ll gain confidence shopping the High Street, knowing which outlets and brands are right for you, so that online shopping becomes a luxury rather than a necessity.

Preparing to come out at work?

This can be a really daunting time but don’t worry because I can help you create your new work wardrobe.

From top to toe we’ll work together so that you feel confident walking through the doors on that first morning, knowing you are making the best ‘first’ impression of the real you to your work colleagues.

I think my whole experience working with you has been a very positive one…..working in an environment where you feel safe and not embarrassed, learning from someone who understands what you are trying to achieve and has the knowledge to translate that into what you require.”  Sam, transgender woman.

Services and Support for you….

I feel it is very important to meet my transgender clients for an initial hour consultation (£50) to enable us to get to know each other better, so you can be reassured that my services are right for you and your objectives.

Following our consultation, we’ll decide the best way forward to take you towards achieving your goals and this could include, but are not restricted  to: Colour Analysis, Body Image, Inner Style, Wardrobe Wellness and Personal Shopping.


Delivered through Style for Life Sessions,  the number of sessions recommended will depend on your personal objectives. (Do note, discounts are available for multiple sessions, see Services page for full details).

As we learn and grow in experience and years, so it is with our clothes and style; the information I share will be knowledge that will stay with you for life, for you to use, develop and draw on every day.

Be assured, all consultations are confidential, and will take place in the privacy of your own home (except Style Safaris or Personal Shopping).  I am based in Worthing, but if Central London is easier, I have use of private rooms in Paddington Street (nearest tube Baker Street).​
Please note that travel outside a 25 mile radius of Worthing will incur additional travel costs, please contact me for details.