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Menopausal Women


​For Menopausal Women….

” The way you dress… the one thing over which you have absolute control”.     Edith Head

​Menopause – what a challenge that no-one really warned you about!  Not only are you feeling a bit insecure about getting older anyway, nature then deems it necessary to remind you in the most heartless manner – by taking away a little hormone that keeps things all nicely balanced – so you effectively experience what my Doctor described as (oestrogen) withdrawal symptoms.

In this peri- stage you can really feel like you’ve lost control of your brain; things you always handled as a matter of course become fraught with challenge and you start to question your decisions, your very self.  And then there’s your body, adding to your emotional rollercoaster as it starts heading in unfamiliar directions.

But whether you are peri-menopausal or menopausal, you’ll know this life stage causes you re-evaluate not only yourself but your whole life and purpose.

There are many things you can do to help you through this time: eating well, exercising regularly, practising mindfulness – all valid. But what about when you open your wardrobe every morning and all those feel-good feelings disappear?

One thing that can really help you regain some control, pleasure and confidence is to have a wardrobe which supports you in feeling and looking at your best and one that better reflects the person you are now.

Visualise these scenarios……

​Why did you agree to going on this date? Are you really ready for this?

Well, at least you know what you’re wearing; you sorted that out the other week. Thank goodness you invested in that Personal Shopping trip after all – you’ve got a new outfit that you feel really good in; different from your usual thing, but everyone says it looks great on you and it gave you the confidence you needed to make that date in the first place.

At least your outfit is one thing you don’t need to worry about tonight!

​Having your colours done has changed your life!

Ok, so that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you were feeling really low and tired because of menopausal symptoms, and a friend told you about Colour Analysis, so you thought you’d try it.

It was surprising to see what a difference wearing the ‘right’ colours made to your face.  Even though you often feel tired still, people are now commenting on how well you look – which makes you feel good.

​You are exhausted from a night of broken sleep – thanks hot flushes – but you’ve an important meeting at work this morning, so need to be focused.

Luckily you had some Personal Image and style advice and your wardrobe is now ordered and functional.  All you need to do now is reach in and pull out items that you know will work together for you.

Brilliant: something that used to take you at least 25 frantic minutes took you just 10 – you’re happy with what you see in the mirror  and you’ve plenty time for some mindfulness to calm and focus you for the day ahead.

Feels good?  Then do get in touch and make it part of your reality!