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Personal Shopping


Personal Shopping                                                  available as Style for Life confabs £40/hour*

“I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet”.     Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in the City

Do you feel clothes shopping is a challenging, frustrating and disappointing necessity – best avoided where possible?

Or maybe you stock-pile barely worn items in your wardrobe and drawers because you had to buy something for that occasion, or it was on sale – a bargain!Wouldn’t you rather feel clothes shopping to be an efficient, rewarding and enjoyable experience? One that saves you all that anxiety, money from costly clothing mistakes and so much time – no more return journeys the following week to take everything back when you change your mind!​

Alternatively, we can go on a Style Safari: shopping without the buying (well, unless something really grabs you!). On these expeditions we go venturing into the shops to see – and try on – what they have to offer you so that you gain confidence shopping the High Street, knowing which outlets and brands are right for you.

​Style Safaris are a great way to experiment with different looks and styles to find those you feel most comfortable in, or to test the water with new season collections and trends.

How does personal shopping work?

By I’ll help you clarify what you need and suggest where to find it, whether on the High Street or online, to your stated budget.

By already having scoped out the shops depending on your needs, I will save you time.

If you want to shop ethically and sustainably, I’ll do the necessary research and give you options.

And you could even enjoy the experience – especially when you return with outfits that you love and feel great in!

​As your Personal Shopper I’ll be on hand to guide and advise your clothing and accessory decisions, and unlike most in-store Personal Shoppers, I am fully qualified and have free reign over the entire High Street and beyond!

I’ll help smooth the way by cutting through all the clothing ‘white noise’ and directing you to those items most likely to fit and suit you and the purpose – and maybe widen your clothing horizons a little in the process!

Use me to advantage in the changing rooms to go on the hunt for alternative sizes/colours so you don’t have to keep getting changed.

​If you want to go EcoFabulous and work towards reducing your environmental Fashion Footprint, I’ll be happy to help you negotiate the pre-loved sector: charity shops, vintage, dress agencies etc.

It is more challenging as you never know where, when or what you will find – there’s no guarantees and none of the ‘all of the colours in all of the sizes’ – but the rewards are great: the financial savings, the feel good factor of donating to charity and the knowledge you’ve found a unique item no-one else will be wearing.

Guilt-free shopping at its best!

“I went into TK Maxx yesterday and felt calm!”                                   Mary, reluctant shopper

*minimum of 2 hours recommended for initial bookings