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Personal Colour Analysis


​Personal Colour Analysis                     1.5 hours                                £85

“Color… the kind of magic that can transform from what you are into what you would like to be.”    Edith Head

Because life’s not black and white!  Your personal Colour Analysis is an important element of your Style for Life as it is where we determine your complementary colour palette.

Ever been shopping with a friend and they encourage you to buy that beautiful garment because it’s such a fabulous colour? And then it sits in your wardrobe, tags on, only to be donated to said friend a season later, still unworn.

But why didn’t you wear it? Perhaps you had nothing to go with it, or maybe each time you put it on you felt ‘wrong’ somehow. A fabulous colour perhaps, but not for you.   But why……?

What happens in colour analysis?

​We all either have a warm (yellow base) or cool (blue base) skin undertone and so it makes sense that our most flattering colours should be those which have a complementary yellow or blue base.

But with so many shades and tones out there, so many changing fashions and trends (so many sale bargains!) it is often difficult to pick through the colour noise and identify which ones are the best for us.

​Your seasonal colour is determined from analysis based on skin tone, natural hair and eye colour and by observing the effect of different coloured drapes of fabric.

The ‘wrong’ colours can make us appear drained, tired, show up imperfections or simply overwhelm us – especially when we get older, for although our skin tone doesn’t change, colours are less forgiving.

But when we wear our complementary colours we look healthier, younger, more comfortable with, and in ourselves.

​Your Personal Colour Analysis includes your own set of Colour Swatches (worth £25) so you can start to save money by making smart clothing choices, and save time through more efficient shopping.

Take away the knowledge of how to use your colours to achieve a co­ordinated and functional wardrobe full of wonderful colours, confident that each one will be there supporting you in looking your best.

​Get yourself noticed – for all the right reasons!

“I wish I had had my colours done earlier. I would have avoided making all those mistakes of buying clothes that just don’t look good on me.”                                                                                                              Kateriina, confused by so much colour and choice