Worthing, West Sussex



Body Shape Analysis


Personal Body Characteristics                           available as Style for Life confabs £40/hour*

“People will stare, make it worth their while”.    Harry Winston

This element in the discovery of your Style for Life is learning how to make the most of your natural attributes and balance you and your lifestyle with your clothes.

Understanding – and accepting – your body shape is so important for those of you who feel you have lost your way in your clothes and style, when you’ve little confidence or pleasure in the way you dress. It helps you to reconnect with your clothes and get back some enjoyment from them.

One of the key principles is to know your body shape and learn how to emphasise your good bits and disguise the bits you’re not so happy with, using a few simple tricks to draw the eye to where you want people to look!

What happens in body analysis?

​We’ll do some body valuation – don’t worry, no tape measures or leotards involved! It is more about vertical proportions and your skeletal frame rather than what dress size you wear.

This knowledge enables you to better understand which styles, patterns and fabrics are the most flattering for you.

You’ll then make more informed choices when shopping, reducing the number of clothing mistakes and saving you time and money.

​We’ll take a look through your wardrobe to see how well it supports your shape, lifestyle and personality – because it is important that your individuality is expressed.

We’ll identify any lifestyle gaps in your wardrobe and create a suggested shopping list.

You’ll understand why some of your clothes have hung there unworn, and maybe we’ll rescue some forgotten favourites.

​Following your consultation I’ll produce a summary of our confabulation in your personal Style for Life File.

Capturing everything we discussed, together with personalised style advice and tips, this will become an invaluable reference for your individual style development.

I am now noticing the way other people dress and why things suit them, plus I am able to hone into
what would look good on me.
”                                                                         Sue, lost her clothes mojo

*minimum of 2 hours recommended for initial bookings