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What is The Good Clothes Philosophy?

The Good Clothes Philosophy evolved from my feeling that the ‘traditional’ Image Consultant approach didn’t go deep enough nor wide enough for me.

  • I’m very interested in the psychology behind clothes; I’m less interested in knowing what celebrities are wearing
  • I’m concerned about the environment; I’m less concerned about keeping up with trends and fashions
  • I care about how clothes make you feel; I care less about fashion ‘must haves’
  • I feel more affinity with the Health and Wellbeing industry than the Beauty and Fashion.
There are two interdependent themes in The Good Clothes Philosophy:

1.   Fashion Freedom

Style for Life services are designed to take you towards a more individual way of dressing, relieving you of the pressure from the High Street telling you what you should be wearing.​
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2.   EcoFabulous Fashion

​Raising awareness of the negative impacts of the Fast Fashion Industry and the many ways to make a difference and “be the change you wish to see in the world’’ (Ghandi)


It is my belief that clothes can be good for you, good for people and good for the environment.

Did you know…?

….Oscar Wilde had his own Philosophy of Dress?

Published in 1885 following a number of lectures and articles he denounced fashion as “….merely a form of ugliness so absolutely unbearable that we have to alter it every six months!” and gave advice on colour, proportions, style and shape that is still relevant today.

His wife, Constance, was also influential through herRational Dress Society, whose objectives were “…to promote the adoption…..of a style of dress based upon considerations of health, comfort, and beauty, and to deprecate constant changes of fashion which cannot be recommended on any of these grounds”.

What they both advocated and valued was the aesthetic – the beauty of form and function – together with freedom of expression and movement.  And because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it follows that this expression is very personal and individual.

“…..the beauty of a dress depends entirely and absolutely on the loveliness it shields”.    
Oscar Wilde, The Philosophy of Dress 1885

Why the honey bee?

Bees are wonderful and vital – honey or bumbles – without them the planet would have virtually no life, we’d struggle to produce food and there’d be no flowers: a very dour, inhospitable and colourless place.

Most are social species, female dominant (males are only produced for one thing!) and co-operatively working, continually communicating, every bee has its role in ensuring the survival of the colony.

Bees embody sustainability and their presence is an indicator that the environment is healthy (though they are very much under threat through the short-sighted domination of chemical giants – oh, there’s another link to the Fast Fashion industry!).

There’s much to be learned from bees.

​A Brief History of Me…

​Clothes, Colour, Style. These have always been a big part of my life. Even when out in the field (literally) I still thought about what to wear and how to wear it – rebelling against the preconception that because I cared about the environment, I somehow should be less bothered about what I looked like; that practicality and style were mutually exclusive terms. Career-wise I’ve followed a few paths, but what I wear has been a reliable constant: my clothes pick me up when I feel low; give me an injection of power when I need it (wear red!); reflect my mood when I want to reveal it; deflect it when I don’t; give me confidence to face the day; celebrate with me; console me.

Jo, age 7: organises colouring pencils into shade and tone order always.

Even at an early age, Jo (left) was wearing her correct seasonal colours – mostly!

Jo, age 10: dresses her dolls for a specified event, and gives marks out of 10 for originality, appropriateness……

Jo, age 19: studies at the London College of Fashion and enters the industry as a Designer/Pattern Cutter specialising in ladies outerwear and tailoring: coats, suits, jackets.

Jo, age 30: after nigh on 10 great years designing, cutting patterns, shopping… left the fashion industry to widen horizons.

Jo, a little bit older: wider horizons leads to a passion for conservation and the environment, University and an MSc Conservation Biology. I radio-tracked hedgehogs!

Jo, a bit older still: call of the clothes too strong to resist; runs a charity shop specialising in vintage. Sees first-hand the volume of discarded clothes and realises there is no need to buy new with such great quality and variety of donations to choose from.

Jo now:  A qualified Image Consultant, having trained with Gail Morgan, at the Image Trainer and a teacher of sewing – Make.Do. And Mend!