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Wear more of what makes you happy!

Do you have a ‘that’ll do’ attitude to what you wear?

Can’t decide what to wear each morning?

Perhaps you don’t enjoy clothes any more; intimidated or confused by all the fashion ‘must haves’, you continue to buy the familiar and safe…..

​​And when you open your wardrobe it looks uninspiring, dull, boring

 How does this make you feel? Dull? Boring? Safe? 

See Services for inspiration & salvation!
As a qualified personal Image Consultant I’ll show you how to use colour, shape and styling details to better reflect your individuality, so you can wear more of what makes you happy!

Because our clothes are the means by which we express ourselves to the world. And as with any language, the wider your vocabulary, the more eloquently and powerfully you can express yourself.

What I give you through a combination of consultation, support and encouragement, illustration and example, plus practical and creative exercises is a thesaurus of style, a reference guide for your personal Style for Life.


How would this make you feel?       Confident? Energetic? Happy?

I should like my dress to be a poem about myself, my persona, the outward and visible presentation of my individuality”                                                                           A Girl Graduate, Pall Mall Gazette 1884  

Who are my services most suited to?

  • Those of you feeling uninspired or bored with your wardrobe
  • Menopausal women looking to rediscover their identity
  • Transgender women wanting to gain confidence in their presentation. 
Because we all have bouts of uncertainty about our personal image and style.


Life does this to us; we change – shape, gender, weight, age, attitude, aspirations, work – and we lose our way in our clothes, not sure of what suits and what doesn’t, and – perhaps most frustratingly – why.

As a woman we are often at the mercy of our hormones; chemicals which can affect our wellbeing both physically and mentally: changing body shape, mood swings, self-confidence lowered, self-esteem challenged and self-image questioned.                           find out more

“The way you dress…….is the one thing over which you have absolute control”.                            Edith Head

How could Style for Life services benefit you? 

I’ll let my clients do the talking….

“I enjoy deciding what to wear every day now and I’d definitely lost that interest. I feel different in my clothes as I’m being more discerning about what to wear and have being wearing different combinations of clothes I already own.”

Sue,  a previously uninspired 50 something

“I wanted to know how to dress to make an impact, to look professional but still be myself – vibrant and bubbly.  Jo was great…..and I came away feeling more confident about starting out on my new path.  ​My wardrobe is gradually evolving to suit me better, makes me feel better in my own skin and portrays the professional that I now am”

Lisa, 30 something, new job, new impressions to make

“I’m now feeling more confident about shopping and have browsed shops on a whim a couple of times already, which I never would have before”  

Ivy, 24, transgender woman

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What is The Good Clothes Philosophy?

  • It is a personal approach to clothes and image.
  • It focuses how clothes make you feel rather than just how you look.
  • It encourages freedom – of expression, of movement, of choice.
  • It values the environment and its people.
  • It shares knowledge and understanding so you can make informed choices on the things you place closest to yourselves every day.